Octopress Postscript

January 06, 2015

Work on the 359 North website is now fairly complete, and we achieved our objectives. We’ve got a robust static site that lets us easily add blog posts and app descriptions.

It all took a little longer than hoped, about a month, but we’ve got a nice solid, settled feeling about this site; something we never had with previous hand-built or Wordpress-based sites. Some of that is no doubt due to Amazon S3 and CloudFlare, but also because with Jekyll / Octopress lets us control everything and it won’t change unless we change it.

There are a few nitpicky items, though. Sizing JPEG images and the amount of compression was time-consuming and finicky. Our headline images could probably be compressed further, but for now we’ll leave them the way they are so that they are sure to look good.

Safari extensions like AdBlock and ClickToFlash cause a delay in CSS rendering resulting in brief, but unpleasant visual artifacts when loading pages. We could not figure out how to work around those.

There is some kind of anomaly in how Firefox handles image CSS as compared to WebKit-based browsers like Chrome and Safari. Since we don’t know anyone with Internet Explorer, we’ll just have to trust to luck on that one. Not our target audience anyway.

Finally, we have not finished dealing with social media - how to set up company accounts and have the web site interact. We’re feeling the need to push out an iOS app or two first, so we’ll have to get back to that.