MAX Daylight
  • iOS

How much daylight is left?

I wrote this app to get myself home before dark when bicycle riding. At a glance see how much time is left until sunset, and set notifications to give you advance warning. Your loved ones will no longer worry or complain.

Then I added everything solar, just for fun. You can monitor sunrise, noon, and sunset anywhere on Earth. You can compare locations, make movies, and generate reports comparing a location you select to places around the globe.

What's new in Version 3.0?

Mirror Day
  • iOS

What if time traveled backwards?

Travel back in time every day from your Mirror Day, which can be your birthday, high school graduation, wedding anniversary, or any other fixed point in time.

Every day the reflection of today in your Mirror Day moves back another day, and we show you who was in political office, who was alive, who was deceased, and who would be born in the future. The persons are shown in order of the length of their Wikipedia article.

Great for history buffs seeking a personal connection to the lives of the people who made history.

Live Long!
  • iOS

Optimistic or pessimistic?

See which famous people you have outlived, and which you may outlive soon.

Get a notification on any day that you outlive someone famous.